How IT Consulting Can Help Your Start-Up

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How IT Consulting Can Help Your Start-Up

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How I.T. Consulting Can Help Your Business

Information technology is something that every business uses in the day-to-day work that they do. Whether it is keeping in touch with clients and associates or marketing their services, business owners rely on IT for many reasons, and therefore hiring the help of an IT expert is often of great value.

Cybersecurity is a plague for large and small companies

But only some departments are pushing it to be top of mind. The data sets and tools that marketers work with, for example, are prime targets for hackers, and marketing teams have to be more cognizant of the threats they face. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke with Lynne Koreman, CMO at cybersecurity training company CyberVista, about how cybersecurity and marketing practices can be intertwined.

eMarketer: Do marketers really understand the threats facing their wide-ranging access to consumers and their data? Read more below:

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Balancing Omnichannel Advertising with Individual Channel Considerations

Good digital advertisers are open to exploring the benefits of every channel available to them, but it can be difficult to balance omnichannel practices with individual channel optimization and measurement. Ivo Totev, CMO of SAP’s ERP solution, S/4HANA, spoke with eMarketer’s Jillian Ryan about how the company is addressing this challenge and what channels work best for its needs.

eMarketer: How has your digital advertising strategy changed across channels to meet your audience?

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