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Using GSuite Tools For Home And Business

GSuite Tools are provided by Google. com ™ AND,  if you are like everyone else, there is more you have to do then spending hours at a time learning a suite of online tools.

In essence there IS not enough time in the days to also train team members and colleagues,  how to maximize to the highest potential these tools, even if they cost nothing other than an internet connection (with exception for certain tools). The good news IS,  there is plenty of strategy and pointers available , just check on Youtube for example. Well I did that, and what I found was individuals giving instructions for maybe this tool or that tool and/or a summarized version of some of the tools.

GSuite is more than some hints and tips, the whole suite deserves our full attention.

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GSuite Tools, Is So Many Choices

As users (if you are one),  we have such a surplus of choices such as , extra room for online storage that is presently 15 Gigabyte, I had chose to automate backup to GSuite Tools of my hard-drive (it is easy than you think) I remember the backup of some 9 Gigabyte of files, images, videos and e-books and barely scratched the surface. I could have gone on but had needed the disk memory for other tasks.

Paying for storage is an option and for an extra $5US per month the allowance increases dramatically to 1 Terabyte, now that is whole lot of data. so it doesn’t make sense to go overboard for storage of large amounts of data. What is important if a computer or laptop hard-drive goes would break me really, I know the feeling and it hurts. But we will discuss the benefit later for what is  included with this type of offer. The more you can eliminate those unnecessary overhead costs i.e. online storage, the better financial position you or your  business will be.

What Does GSuite Tools Include?

I have left this for the product pages, as for some twenty benefits pop out for GSuite and the work gone into short cutting effort to study each tool  was quite a learning curve and circumvents the drama, that  happens when you (or your client) have to get everybody else you work with to use, integrate and email with you shiny new productivity tool?

It is best that your time is spent building relationships, getting new clients and not having to personally train from scratch, yourself, employees, team members, out-sourcer’s  and colleagues. What I have discovered is the shortcut to communicate better, to get more done, in less time, for less money in this entire package.

You and team will discover:

  1. Training a Team with Google Classroom
  2. Voice Typing with Google Docs
  3. Video Transcripts with YouTube
  4. Internal and External Gmail Hacks
  5. Increased Collaboration with Google Calendar
  6. Real Time Collaboration with Google Docs
  7. Collecting and Collaborating with Google Forms
  8. Managing Tasks and Projects with Google Keep
  9. Collaborating With Google Hangouts
  10. Hangout Hack With YouTube Live
  11. Increased Communication with Google Voice
  12. Offline Use of Google Docs

Only, if you really want it, this offer is limited for the price asked and will be priced higher when I re-purpose and decide to enhance the deal with video. So if you want to, need to, have to have this training working with free tools alone or with your team to get more out of your work and more out of your time. Go over to category Affiliate Market Shop right now and check out the deal I have prepared for you. Claim you copy of GSuite the free tools from Google Hit the CLAIM NOW button to go there.

Accept this free gift as my way of saying thanks for your time to read this post.

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