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Business Selling on eBay

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If you intend buying or selling on Ebay as a business you need to have two paypal accounts. As I understand it,Ebay and Paypal are going their separate ways so the necessity for one to have the other, may dissolve. Still paypal is by far the biggest payment processor online and it is hard to ignore it.

The fact is you will need a buyer and a seller account setup in ebay. Now there is the manual process of watching bids at an auction you may have bid on and keen to acquire the goods for the lowest price. However this is not the best idea for a business. The alternative is to use auction tools that will place a bid just before close of the auction thereby you are not glued to your desktop , laptop or mobile device for many hours.

“AuctionStealer” allows you to rest easy knowing that your competitors will have literally no time to react to your bid. Go here (AuctionStealer.com, 2016) to get your own FREE AuctionStealer account and start winning more of your online auctions at a better price!

The significant benefit of selling products on ebay is that you have the ability to sell your products on a website that already has customers searching everyday for something to spend money on. It is human nature to spend money, people online everyday to spend money. Ebay visitors are a prime example for their purpose to be on ebay is to bid on or buy a product.(Brukshaw, 2016)

It is worthwhile obtaining a copy of the Ebay Sales Formula be Peter Brukshaw. Unfortunately, the url supplied below is not available, worth search on Google. I did purchase my copy and it would not be in my capacity to provide a free copy without the owner’s permission.

AuctionStealer.com, I. (2016). AuctionStealer – Free online ebay auction sniper software free ebay sniper esnipe ebay snipe site e snipe auctions ebay auction sniper site bid sniper. Auctionstealer.com. Retrieved 13 May 2016, from http://www.auctionstealer.com/home.cfm

Brukshaw, P. (2016). Ebay Sales Formula (1st ed., pp. 1-6). Peter Brukshaw. Retrieved from http://www.auction-eclass.com/

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